About Our Hearing Center

Zachary Smith

Our mission at Total Hearing Care is to establish an honest, trusting, and long-lasting relationship with individuals who have decided to improve their hearing and communication abilities.

Total Hearing Care has met both state and national requirements of credentialing for providing health care to people with hearing problems. Our specialist recognizes the feelings and frustrations that are inherent with hearing loss, and is committed to providing rehabilitative hearing assistance in every possible way. This includes comprehensive testing and evaluation, effective treatment options, the best and most up-to-date technology, and ongoing reliable service. Commitment to continuing education will allow us to reach our goals. We take into consideration your specific hearing needs, your unique lifestyle, and your budget.

Our ultimate goal is the improvement of your quality of life and the prevention of a life of isolation, frustration and silence. Of utmost importance is that we maintain all of our relationships with integrity and honesty.