Patient Reviews

"I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Zackary Smith at Total Hearing Care for your hearing care needs. His is the first hearing aid practice I have encountered that actually provides total care from initial hearing test throughout the life of your hearing aid. I was doubtful at first, since I had been elsewhere and found that once they fitted your new hearing aids, they were done with you. If you have had hearing difficulties for some time, it seems you go through a period of having your brain and hearing functions readjust. It seems many of us need some time to relearn proper hearing and we may require readjustments for a period of time to be able to hear well again. If that follow up care is lacking or totally absent, we may stop using the hearing aids and they wind up in the dresser drawer and are considered to be another failed promise for hearing correction.

Total Hearing Care is different. Zack, and his able office manager, Sherry, will provide you with the best care and follow up possible and always do it with a smile. I am so glad I found Total Hearing Care and followed up with additional visits to correct my hearing and get the maximum benefit from my hearing aids."

- M. Ruth Nentwig, Ph.D.

"THC is the 4th experience I’ve had with audiologists over many years across different states. What made this the best experience was: the quality of the hearing test - had state of the art assessment equipment. Professionalism and knowledge of the technology and how to configure them to amplify the frequencies where my hearing was deficient. 30 day free - unconditional trial. Never felt any pressure to purchase anything. The Clincher! I tried two difference technologies which allowed me to find the best fit for me. Service - I was able to get a next day appointment on most of my requests, and same or next day responses on every email inquiry. And appointment was on a Saturday. One of the most polite individuals I’ve dealt with. As a “snowbird” in Tucson, I was concerned about service when I’m back in my home state. But THC assured me that if/when I needed any adjustments they would connect me with a approved vendor back home."

- Robert W.

"I recently had a free hearing test at Total Hearing Care. Zack Smith really opened my eyes about hearing loss and the effects it has on neural processing, balance and general quality of life. He explained my test in detail and also talked about all the different technologies and manufacturers without leading me to any quick conclusions. For me, the best choice was the Starkey line of devices. He helped me with a great payment plan and made my decision very easy. I realized I spend more per day for medications and supplements than I would for restoring my hearing. His cost-benefit analysis was what really convinced me.

My family doesn’t have to “yell” at me, I am hearing things I haven’t heard for 20 years—birds, wind, voices in noisy environments. I don’t have to watch people’s lips when I have a conversation anymore. The custom settings for different places like restaurants, driving, movies and business meetings are amazing. He can change any of my settings in minutes if I find I need something different.

I never knew how much I have been missing. I completely recommend Total Hearing Care and their warm professionalism. It immediately raised my quality of life. I can’t imagine not having glasses. Now I can’t imagine not having my tiny new ears!"

- Al P.

"I love the personalized service and technical knowledge Zack offers. My hearing aids are unbelievable-so tiny and advanced compared to the old ones!"

- Janet

"Our visiting nurse said she sees such an improvement in my husband since wearing his hearing aids. Zack and his office have been so helpful. We have become good friends!"

- Dorothy and Ray

"You just have to come in and meet Zack. I never feel rushed, and his warm personality makes me feel very comfortable!"

- Pat