Hearing loss is an incredibly widespread issue, and yet, so many people delay treatment for a number of different reasons. From the denial of a problem to worrying about potential costs, people cope with untreated hearing loss for years longer than they need to.

If you suspect you might have hearing loss, schedule an appointment with a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) in your area. The hearing instrument specialist will be able to evaluate your hearing and determine if you could benefit from the use of hearing aids or assistive listening devices. Curious where to find a hearing instrument specialist in your area? Try the following four methods to locate the right HIS in your area.

1. Friends and family

Because hearing loss is so common, it’s likely a member of your family or a friend in your circle has already visited a hearing instrument specialist. Talk with them about their experiences, which hearing instrument specialists they’ve been to and who they would recommend. You can ask them how the quality of care was, if they’re flexible or offer payment plans and what to expect from your appointment.

2. Your family doctor

Because you’ve already established a relationship with your primary care physician, they are a great resource when looking for a specialist. Talk with your family doctor about which hearing instrument specialists they refer patients to and if that professional would be a good fit for your needs. Because you already trust and feel comfortable with your family doctor, chances are they can steer you to the right hearing instrument specialist.

3. The internet

If your personal connections don’t lead you to the right hearing instrument specialist, you can use your favorite web browser to locate one in your area. Simply type the terms “hearing instrument specialist” and “your city” into your web browser and then view the results. Make sure to view the hearing instrument specialist’s website and find out important information like: location, hours of operation, services operated and information about the professional’s on staff.

4. Your insurance company

Although health insurance still doesn’t typically provide coverage when it comes to hearing aids, they are starting to offer assistance when it comes to hearing testing. Call your insurance provider and find out if they offer any coverage in regards to hearing health and if so, which hearing instrument specialists are listed under your policy

Finding a hearing instrument specialist doesn’t have to be stressful. Try the above four methods for locating a professional in your area and schedule an appointment to have your hearing assessed.