Whether you've suffered problems or not doesn't matter. There are many situations in which ear protection is necessary to avoid immediate and future problems. Appreciating that need for extra care is one thing, but knowing how to keep your ears in great health is another altogether. With so many different factors to consider, it can get more than a little confusion.

Speaking to a hearing care professional is the best way to discover the perfect solutions for you. Nonetheless, knowing the basics of what’s available should point you in the right direction. Here’s all you need to know.

Standard earplugs and muffs

Earplugs and muffs come in many different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, they can be used for a host of functions too. From noise reduction to blocking out water, the array of options means you should have no problem finding the right type of product for you.

While plugs sit in the ear, muffs cover the area. The latter usually come with a piece of connective plastic to keep it as a single device. Conversely, the former are usually two separate units, one for each of ear. Earplugs can be customized too and are usually made from foam or silicon depending on their function.  

These items drown out the noise but don’t block you out from the world completely. If you do wish to truly close off from your surroundings, wax balls are made from a slightly different material that offers those qualities.  

Earplugs can come as disposable or permanent devices and are the most common solution. Muffs tend to offer a longer lifespan and may require a slightly larger investment. However, any hearing specialist would suggest that comfort should take priority over cost.


Custom made otoplastics are most commonly used by musicians and bikers. After taking an impression of the ear, the versatile plug is created. They are great for reducing noise and blocking out frequencies that cause long-term damage in those environments.  

While they do tend to be a little more expensive, these options are very durable. They can be used for years and, due to the personalized properties, offer the perfect fit time and time again. For protection of the eardrum and canal, there is no better option for the right situation.  

Electronic earmuffs

Electronic earmuffs are slightly different to other types. They use a microphone outside the ear to pick up the noise before reproducing it in the cup of the device. This protects the ear against the background noises created by work. At the same time, it offers greater clarity for voices and other items.

These devices can also offer extra functions such as playing the radio, which can make them very useful in workplace environments. Most importantly, though, they serve almost like a hearing aid while still drowning out the unwanted noises.


There are many different products on the market, covering a range of functions, designs and prices. Given that the health of your ears is priceless, going the extra mile to find the right fit for you is easily worthwhile.