Hearing loss is a health issue that occurs very frequently in people who are over age 60. In fact, 30 percent of Americans who are over age 60 have some degree of hearing loss. For many of these people, the hearing loss is severe and it can significantly impact their lives.

Why do so many elderly people experience hearing loss?

There are a number of reasons why elderly people often experience more hearing loss as a group than younger people. First, the more years a person has lived, the more loud noises that they have been exposed to. Second, elderly people often have health issues that can exacerbate hearing loss. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure can make hearing loss worse. Finally, elderly people often take significantly more medications than younger people. Some medications can make hearing loss more likely.

How can elderly people tell if they have hearing loss?

There are a number of signs that can be an indication that you may be experiencing hearing loss. For example, you may struggle to hear movies in movie theaters. You may struggle to have conversations on the phone because you can’t hear what the other person is saying. Other people may tell you that you are speaking too loud. You may struggle to understand conversations when you are in a crowded place like a restaurant. There are other signs as well. However, anything that involves you not being able to hear things properly can be a strong indicator that you have some degree of hearing loss.

How is hearing loss treated for the elderly?

A variety of treatments may be used to treat elderly patients with hearing loss. Avoidance of loud noises is a first basic step. After that, cochlear implants, hearing aids, surgery, avoidance of certain medications and a few other things may be recommended. Some hearing care professionals may also recommend that some elderly people with hearing loss get trained for lip reading. Lip reading can help people with hearing loss to be able to understand others. These treatments can be very helpful when it comes to helping elderly people to get some degree of hearing back. Oftentimes, major improvements can be made.

If you or someone you love is suffering from hearing loss, don’t delay seeking treatment. Schedule an appointment with a hearing healthcare specialist in your area and have your hearing health evaluated by a professional!